All You Need To Know about the Upcoming Greater Southern Waterfront Transformation! 

What is GSW’s (Greater Southern Waterfront) transformation?

In 2013, the Greater Southern Waterfront (GSW) was unveiled – a bold vision for transforming Singapore’s 30km coastline from Gardens by the Bay East all the way to Pasir Panjang. Along with 2,000ha of land opening up exciting new possibilities and almost 9,000 homes set amidst lush greenery – it’s an opportunity that promises some truly amazing experiences! Continue to read our article as we give you more insights on the Greater Southern Waterfront condo transformation!

Additionally, in 2019, Singapore continued to accelerate its efforts for the Greater Southern Waterfront. From housing and offices to recreational attractions – preparing this area as an attractive destination with something for everyone! A particular highlight was Pulau Brani’s transformation into a leisure haven ripe with entertainment activities – inviting individuals from all walks of life, in search of relaxation or adventure.

Singapore is undergoing a major transformation as two power stations at Pasir Panjang will be redeveloped to create an exciting new downtown hub in the South. This extraordinary project promises to be one of Singapore’s most impressive feats, transforming what was once just potential into something remarkable!

Location of Greater Southern Waterfront Condo

The Greater Southern Waterfront is an expansive area that captivates visitors with its full range of attractions, it stretches from the scenic Gardens by the Bay East to the historic Pasir Panjang. It also comprises these areas:

  • Garden by the Bay East
  • Cruise Hub & Coastal Park at Marina South/Straits View
  • Keppel & Tanjong Pagar Terminals
  • Mount Faber – Harbourfront
  • Keppel – Labrador
  • Pasir Panjang Power District
  • Pasir Panjang Terminal
  • Pulau Brani
  • Sentosa

With its sought-after location, Singapore’s Greater Southern Waterfront is poised to become the future of work and leisure. Residents will enjoy access to a wide range of recreational opportunities with green spaces stretching from West Coast Park, East Coast Park, and the Rail Corridor all the way through Sentosa Island.

Like what we have mentioned above, over the next phase, 9,000 homes will be built on Keppel Club’s waterfront land – a mix of HDB BTOs and private condos. It is an exciting opportunity to create an attractive residential community in line with Singapore’s vibrant urban landscape.

Transport Connectivity

Residents of the Greater Southern Waterfront Condo enjoy unparalleled access to a wealth of transportation options for easy commuting. 

To add, Singapore’s LTA Master Plan 2040 is planning an unprecedented level of connectivity for Southern Singapore, which could dramatically drive up property demand due to improved convenience! 

New Launches and Relaunches within the GSW transformation

GSW’s transformation continues to move forward with an exciting array of new launches and relaunches! Here are some of the properties:

Type of Property Property NameEstimated Average PSF
LeaseholdThe Reef @ King’s Dock2600
LeaseholdReflection’s @ Keppel Bay2600
LeaseholdCorals @ Keppel Bay2500
LeaseholdMarina One Residences 2300
LeaseholdKent Ridge Hill Residences2200
FreeholdSky Everton2600
LeaseholdMarina Collection (Sentosa Cove)2000
LeaseholdAvenue South Residence2600
LeaseholdNormanton Park2000

Also, an exciting new development is here within the GSW transformation – Terra Hill! Get more bang for your buck with this impressive 2500psf space that rivals leasehold terms. Check out all the details via their official website here and capitalize on a great opportunity today! 

Property Value

Living on the Southern coastline brings a whole new experience of urban life, with potentially beautiful ocean views to match. With this, the transformation taking place has significantly boosted property value in this area!

The Sail offers a prime example of the transformation taking place in Marina Bay. Just several years ago, it was still largely undeveloped land selling at an affordable 800+psf. Fast-forward to today and its per-square-foot value has skyrocketed to over 2000+psf. Check out our information below for more details on this remarkable shift!

What are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to be a part of the GSW transformation. You are at the end of this article! We hoped you enjoyed reading about the Greater Southern Waterfront Transformation and the Greater Southern Waterfront condos that will be launching. With more content added frequently, our collection of articles is the perfect source for all your informational needs. Plus if you have any questions we’re just a click away – check us out here!

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